FastflexyFAST & flexy, the new evolution of Cevolani body making line for food cans.

Speed or flexibility?

Take it all!

With a maximum speed up to 800 cans per minute and a change over time up to less than 1 hour, last Cevolani body making line with FAST & flexy technology is the answer for the customers that need a high speed production after a market trial period (where flexibility and quick changeover are most important).

It is the first time in the world that a full high speed line is engineered to allow a quick change over.

We have obtained this result thinking the line as a single, unique, multi-operation machine and not only as a “mix and match” of different units.

Forget about the past of “one size, one line”, stop choosing between speed and flexibility.

With Cevolani slitters, welders, combi machines and with FAST & flexy technology, now you can take it all!

Live show at Cevolani booth: Hall 3 M27


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