TargetCentringTechnologyCevolani’s latest break through in press end making technology is the application of TARGET CENTRING TECHNOLOGY to its latest double die press: the PDV394.This innovative centring device allows end makers to have pin-point precision when centring artwork on litho scroll strips.

With a tolerance of less than 100 µm, the final result is a centring repeatability better than a CNC press, with the reliability, stability and long life service that only a standard double die press can grant.

TARGET CENTRING TECHNOLOGY is realized trough a combination of mechanic and electronic solutions applied to advancement of the strip.

The system matches the high speed rate of the press without effecting the efficiency and the production speed (up to 800 ends per minute).

This technology can be supplied on all new machinery, and also retrofitted on existing Cevolani presses (over 2000 units worldwide).

More info at Cevolani booth: Hall 3 M27


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